Hello, potential future

I'm an established and HCI qualified Product/UX Designer, currently working as Lead Instructor on General Assembly’s 10 week full-time UX Design Immersive course in London. My other most recent roles include a 3 month UX contract at Habito, and a permanent role as Experience Design Lead at MOO.

I have 8 years as a dedicated UXer under my belt

Spending 5 of those as a freelancer has given me exposure to a diverse set of business environments and challenges, and I've learned from each and every one. These are some of the clients I've delivered experiences for:

Now I'm keen to go further down the rabbit hole, so I've taken a permanent client-side role. So I can stick around after the pixels settle, rather than just until the end of the project timeline.


I'm fully HCI qualified

I have a Masters in Human Computer Interaction from UCL, complete with distinction and a published paper off the back of my thesis (an eye-tracking study of visual search patterns).


I've been nurturing the three primary qualities of a great UXer for my entire life:

Curiosity - Asking the right questions, to the right people, at the right time. Wanting to try things a different way. Always wondering why.

Empathy - For users, by designing around their needs rather than mine, and for stakeholders and colleagues, by communicating based on an understanding of their priorities as much as my own.

Tenacity - The stubborn conviction that there simply must be a way for both the user and the business to have their cake and eat it. Finding ways to test the prototype with zero budget in zero time.


My guiding principle is one of simplicity

It applies to everything, from how I decide which features to include, to the processes that I go through and the way I create my documentation. 

Everything should be as simple as possible, and no simpler
— Albert Einstein

I'll work to the lowest fidelity that meets the needs of the situation. If a pencil sketch on the back of a napkin will do, I'll do a pencil sketch on the back of a napkin. But rest assured, that pencil sketch will be crafted with care (and the napkin will be recycled).


Sketching is my best-loved medium

I sketch to understand, and I sketch to communicate. When communicating ideas and concepts, I've found its often small touches that can have the most impact: a splash of colour or a well-worded annotation can easily make the difference between someone ’getting it’ or not.

Don’t make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful.
— Shaker philosophy

Well, hopefully you now have a good sense of what I'm like. Next up is to find out what I've been getting up to recently in my role at MOO.


Any questions/thoughts? do get in touch :)